Pillars of Excellence

Discover Our fr-8 Core Values

fr-8’s company culture is built around 8 core business values that guide our every decision and action. These values serve as the compass for our operations, shaping how we interact with our clients, partners, and community.

Why 8? Aside from being a smart abbreviation for freight, in some cultures, the number 8 is believed to be the luckiest number. It is associated with wealth and happiness. Aligning with this belief, we have chosen to adopt eight core values that reflect our commitment to fostering wealth and happiness through fair and efficient trade in the global economy.


Our management and key staff each offer over 20 years of industry experience. This, combined with our team’s profound expertise across a wide area of niche topics (e.g., project logistics, dangerous goods, customs and compliance, …) guarantees resilient supply chains for our clients.


The way we act for our customers is driven by the universal values that we too demand from our partners and vendors – no exceptions!

„May you live your life as if the maxim of your actions were to become universal law.”

– Immanuel Kant


Optimizing and tailoring our operational processes to our customers’ needs is our priority. We operate on this level of excellence by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, while keeping our approach personal – in the end, communication is the key to success.


Our staff will always act in compliance with all national and international laws and regulations and in accordance with our business code of conduct & ethics. It’s an integral part of our core values.

Read our Code of Conduct and Ethics

Local Approach, Global Network

We value a local approach for our customers’ individual challenges, to ship all goods safely and on time. Therefore, we work with a well selected and dense network of highly specialized partners all around the world.

Seamless support

No call centers, no chat bots, and no “Hold the line”s!

At fr-8, we value direct communication. The dynamics of todays’ business environment require fast reactions and proactivity. Therefore, one operator is responsible until the job is done!

Value for Money

We honor and respect our customers’ and partners’ time and spending by providing effective and efficient solutions to highest quality standards; Just like we expect it from our suppliers. When we raise an invoice, we make sure to do it with pride for the service we provided and the savings our customer gained.


We are acting with the awareness that effective logistics solutions can only persist with positive social and ecological impact in the long run. We base our decisions and scale our actions on this principle every day.

Our in-house sustainability experts are happy to advise customers on sustainable supply chain design.


Get to know Us

Meet the driving force behind fr-8: a close-knit team, each contributing their unique talents, expertise, and spirit to fr-8. We are proudly introducing our core team (f.l.t.r.):

Dragan, Martin, Dominik, Tamas, Julia, Stefan, Alex, Christoph, Rrita, Elvin, and Markus

Together, we are working to exceed our customers’ expectations every day.