Logistics challenges?

…let’s turn your obstables into opportunities with fr-8’s global supply chain services!

…let’s turn your obstables into opportunities with fr-8’s global supply chain services!

Rail fr-8

Cheaper & more sustainable than airfr-8, faster than seafr-8, the intercontinental railway transport between Asia and Europe offers significant advantages in the time/cost ratio between the economic areas of Europe and East (China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan,…) and Southeast (Vietnam, Thailand,…) Asia.

Alongside the complete range of services and routes offered along this corridor, fr-8 is uniquely positioned to meet all needs, with deep market expertise, largely due to top management experience in China’s local railway market for years.

Whether you need to ship a single pallet or one hundred containers, fr-8 will find the most economical way for all your transport needs throughout the regions of Europe, China, East-, Southeast-, and Central-Asia on the fastest and most reliable route.

fr-8 is an ideal and trusted partner able to solve all your transport requirements, best utilizing the advantages of a new age of rail transport across Eurasia.

Rail fr-8 advantages at a glance

  • Transit times as short as 12 days, terminal to terminal

  • Multimodality via all origin and destination terminals

  • Daily departures

  • Door 2 Door services

  • FCL (full container) service
  • Special equipment (Reefer, OT, GOH)

  • LCL (groupage containers) service

  • Customs and other related services at origin or destination

Air fr-8

For time sensitive and/or high value cargo, there is no alternative to Air fr-8. Transport by airfreight is the fastest and safest way to ship your goods, but doesn’t also need to be the most expensive. Our fr-8 experts help you choose the most economical way to deliver your goods safely and on time.

Ship your goods “economy class” with one of our regular consolidation services or “first class” with our Express Services (24/7 response and next flight guarantee). We have the right solution with a wide variety of airlines and a global network of selected, highly specialized partners.

For heavy and/or oversized cargo or origins/destinations not called by regular airlines, Air fr-8 CHARTER Service is the right choice. We have access to a fleet of aircraft from the world’s largest freighters to small helicopters.

Air fr-8 advantages at a glance

  • Express service with 24/7 availability on request

  • Consolidation services

  • Perishable goods / temperature control solutions

  • Charter services

  • Customs services at origin / destination

  • IATA dangerous goods certified

  • Door 2 Door services worldwide

  • On board courier service

Sea fr-8

Transport by sea is the bloodstream of the globalized economy, and we offer tailored seafr-8 solutions that fully complement our customers’ needs.

From LCL (less than container load), within our dense network of groupage services for small shipments, to FCL (full container load) Services from almost every port of loading to almost every port of discharge with inland connections by all available means of transport. Special projects, bulk, heavy and oversized cargo or RO/RO (roll on / roll off), our sea fr-8 specialists will find the most economical way for our customers and partners.

Thanks to decades of experience in this industry and long-standing, excellent relationships with carriers, port- and container operators, fr-8 logistics ensures reliable and cost-effective solutions for your demands.

Sea fr-8 advantages at a glance

  • Worldwide LCL services

  • Worldwide FCL services

  • Solutions for temperature-controlled cargo (reefer container services)

  • Solutions for liquid cargo (tankcontainers, flexitanks, IBC’s etc…)

  • Special equipment (FCL) for all demands like “GOH”, open top containers, flat racks, etc.
  • Break bulk / Project cargo

  • Door 2 Door services worldwide

  • Documentation and customs services

Road fr-8

Transport by truck is the most essential part of the global transport industry and indispensable for the last mile.

Road fr-8 provides the unbeatable advantage and flexibility of seamless transport from door to door.

No matter if you require a single parcel of super-urgent spare parts overnight by minivan with our road fr-8 Express Service, Full Truck Loads (FTL), one pallet with our cost-effective LTL (less than container load) service or a super-heavy power transformer by special low bed trailer with our fr-8 Project Service, we have the right capacities and expertise to transport your goods on the road from door to door.

If there is a road, fr-8 will take your goods there – safely and on time!

Sea fr-8 advantages at a glance

  • Highest flexibility
  • 24/7 GPS tracking
  • Express Service

  • Part loads
  • FTL Service

  • LTL Service
  • Access to specialty trucks and trailer (e.g., thermo, tank,…)

  • Documentation and customs services

Multimodal fr-8

Multimodal transport means shifting long distance transport from road to rail or sea without giving up the unbeatable flexibility of road transportation on the first or last mile. It is a sustainable way to relieve our highways from congestion and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Special containers and swap bodies for any kind of goods are available. These can be used for all means of transport like truck / rail / inland navigation or short sea to construct the most sustainable and commercially reasonable supply chain for your goods.

The network of intermodal terminals for the transshipment of containers and swap bodies is getting denser by the day. New railway connections between those terminals allow an easy and safe modal shift from road to rail, inland or coastal waterways.

We support our customers and partners in the modal shift of their supply chains and identify the best ratio of environmental impact, cost and time.

Multimodal fr-8 advantages at a glance

  • Sustainability
  • Cost efficient
  • Reduced transit times
  • Better on-time performance by avoiding traffic jams

  • Comprehensive knowledge in all means of transport
  • Door 2 Door services

  • fr-8 customers benefit from the best relationship to terminals, railway companies, carriers, truckers all over Europe (and Asia)
  • Single point of contact for fr-8 customers

fr-8 Projects

Whether it’s complicated, huge or super heavy, our experts will find a solution to transport your cargo safely and on time to its destination. The fr-8 Projects team accompanies a project from the first feasibility study until turnkey.

Thanks to decades of experience and a dedicated global network of partners for our projects and break-bulk business, we have global access to transport capacities, hardware and knowledge.

Our services include guidance on documentation, customs processes, safety and security issues as well as suitable insurance solutions to ensure seamless project execution.

fr-8 Projects advantages at a glance

  • Project consulting
  • Breakbulk
  • RO/RO

  • Aircraft charter services
  • Road fr-8 – abnormal loads

  • Rail fr-8 – abnormal loads

  • Turn-key service

  • Insurance / documentation / customs

fr-8 Contract Logistics

Fr-8 contract logistics is your reliable, long-term partner in outsourcing your logistics activities, offering tailored supply chain solutions. Fr-8 can act as your provider or consultant in procurement, distribution, new market entry, and warehousing (incl. consulting on optimal locations and fulfillment services such as SKU level inventory, assembly, quality control, pick and pack, labeling, etc.).

Fr-8 is your trusted partner in new market entry, offering expertise e.g., on national regulations, regional specifics, impact of transport- and customs laws and regulations in international contracts or L/C’s, negotiating new contracts, finding exporters, importers, distributors or partners.

As a non-asset-based logistics provider, fr-8 logistics offers unbiased, customized solutions, ensuring the selection of the optimal warehouse for each specific product and location, supported with expertise and technology. Moreover, customers benefit from the transfer of our experience, knowledge and global network into their own businesses.

Our customers will see the lasting advantages of partnering with fr-8 through consistent cost and efficiency analyses and a robust network of transport, resilient to any challenge.

fr-8 Contract Logistics advantages at a glance

  • Technology driven solutions

  • Global coverage
  • Single point of contact at fr-8 throughout entire contract timing
  • Access to warehouse capacities for  all individual demands

  • Pick and pack services

  • Customized reporting

  • Real time inventory
  • Highest safety and security standards

Digital fr-8

International freight is rapidly becoming more digitalized, and so is fr-8. We use cutting-edge industry-leading software for the execution of all our projects to ensure state-of-the-art services, including carbon / emissions accounting.

Utilizing CargoWise One, the global logistics industry’s most advanced and integrated management system, enables us to execute highly complex transports in the most efficient way while providing real-time data e.g., on container locations and routing updates.

Incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) in our daily business further boosts our productivity while connectivity with carbon accounting databases gives us the opportunity to share information on supply chain CO2 emissions with our customers – so our customers and ourselves can stay ahead of the curve in complying with regulations on supply chain transparency and emission reduction.

Digitalized fr-8 advantages at a glance

  • Leveling the playing field by utilizing the same software solutions as industry giants

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Highest transparency

  • Less paperwork, more time for individual customer relationships

  • Reduced risk of errors

  • Full compliance with regulations worldwide
  • Agile business model

  • Global, real-time connectivity