• As an acknowledged specialist in the logistics market for inter-continental railway transports on the EURASIAN landbridge, fr-8 offers a dense network of block-train connections with best conditions for transports by railway between Asia and Europe.

    What started as a niche product a decade ago is nowadays a non-replaceable complement for stabile supply chains in addition to sea- and airfreight. For Central Asian markets, the most economic way and by far most sustainable way of transport.

    The fr-8 knowledge of the very complex operational demands in this field is outstanding and your fr-8 specialists have been involved in intercontinental railway-logistics for decades, enabling customers to stay on the “right track” between Europe and Asia.

    • FCL (Full Container Loads)
    • LCL (Less than Container loads), utilizing our weekly groupage container services
    • Conventional Railway Transport
    • Oversized Cargo
    • Trans-Caspian (Middle) Corridor
    • Mongolian Corridor
    • Kazakh Corridor
    • Trans-Siberian Corridor
    • Faster than Seafreight / Cheaper than Airfreight
    • Door – Door Services
    • Transit times China -> Europe from 12 days only
  • Shipping goods from Shanghai to Vienna by truck!? YES, WE CAN!

    Road transport from Asia to Europe might sound adventurous – for your specialists at fr-8, the daily job and a perfect solution for:

    • Cases, when seafreight is too slow
    • Cargo that cannot be moved by rail due to it’s nature or dimensions
    • Cargo that cannot be shipped by airfreight due to economic reasons or the nature / dimensions of the good
    • Dangerous goods, prohibitted by railway
    • Temperature- and climate sensitive cargo


    • Highest flexibility as road transport is not bound to fixed schedules
    • Various routes available
    • Oversized cargo can be shipped with just one trans-loading point
    • Full transparency through real time GPS tracking of our trucks
    • Transit-times from 10 days door – door
    • Cheaper than airfreight, faster than seafreight
    • Less carbon emmissions than airfreight


    • LCL (Less than Container load) is the most economic way to ship your goods, smaller than a complete container load
    • Weekly departures of our groupage containers from all Asian mainports to our adriatic seaport-hub Koper
    • Door – Door Services
    • Transparent and fast pricing – no hidden charges
    • One point of contact in Asia – One point of contact in Europe allow seamless communication and information flow
    • Short transit times
    • Daily connections between the port of discharge (Koper) and our distribution hubs in Austria and Central Europe
    • Customs brokerage services in Asia and Europe
    • Utilization of state of the art digital technologies ensures full transparency for each single shipment